A study of 3-D numerical simulation and comparison with experimental results on turbulent flow of venting flue gas using thermoelectric generator modules and plate fin heat sink

Jiin-Yuh Jang, Ying Chi Tsai, Chan Wei Wu

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This paper investigates the three-dimensional turbulent flow in a chimney used for venting flue gas from either a boiler or stove. The thermoelectric generator (TEG) modules are embedded in the chimney walls. To understand the power output performance of the TEG module, three-dimensional numerical simulations combining convection and radiation effects, including the chimney tunnel, TEG modules, plate-fin heat sinks and cold plates, based on water cooling are developed and solved simultaneously. The effects of operational parameters such as the flue gas velocity (Vin=3, 5 and 10m/s) and flue gas temperatures (Tgas=500, 600 and 700K) on the flow and heat transfer are determined. The influences of the plate-fin height (Hfin) and number of fins (N), ranging from 0mm<Hfin<100mm and 4<N<8 respectively, on the power output and pressure drop are also described in detail. It is worthy of note that the net electric power (Pnet) of the TEG module was obtained using the ideal electric power (PTEG) minus the extra pumping power (Pfan). The numerical results for the power vs. current (P-I) curve are in good agreement with the experimental data within an error of 9%.

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出版狀態Published - 2013 五月 1


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