A study of innovative product marketing strategies for technological SMEs

Jui Hung Cheng, Shuo Fang Liu

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New technologies and product developments are the core for small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) to maintain their long-term competitiveness. A framework which links enterprise management to product technological developments is provided via longterm product and technology plans. The goal is to plan products which satisfy customer requirements and to ensure technologies and products are developed timely and it is also an important topic to fit in with the market trend. This study began with research references related to resources, core technological values, innovative product benefits, and marketing strategies for SMEs. The analyses include the establishment of new business, development of core technical capability and cross-platform products, and a successful business model of brand marketing strategy. The concept of technology diamond model (TDM) was proposed to technological SMEs along with the technology, product and marketing strategy (TPM). The way of introducing this strategy into actual practices during the transformation process of SMEs was also investigated. The purpose is to provide a systematic process so as to proceed with plans of product and technology developments against basic market and customer requirements. It is thus necessary to develop a set of marketing strategies which meet enterprises’ requirements so as to contribute to enterprises’ sustainable development and keep their competitiveness.

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期刊Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics
出版狀態Published - 2017 一月 2

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