A study on the characteristivs of heat transfer in an engine piston

Horng-Wen Wu, C. P. Chiu

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The piston temperature distribution with varying engine torque and speeds for a real engine operation has been determined by a numerical model. The model is developed by the finite element conduction method combined with engine simulation. In this model, the two boundary temperature concept instead of one constant boundary temperature was presented to approximate the ambient temperatures along the piston skirt. The two temperatures were first estimated, then adjusted by the iterated proces, for predicting piston temperatures, according to the energy balance of the whole engine energy system. In order to verify the predicted values, input data for cycle simulation were obtained, the piston temperatures were also measured. In this way the good agreement between the model and experimental results could be checked.

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期刊KSME Journal
出版狀態Published - 1988 一月 1

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