A theory for waves interacting with porous structures with multiple regions

Jaw Fang Lee, Yo Ming Cheng

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This study presents an analytical solution for the problem of waves passing a submerged porous structure, using a multi-region method in the solution scheme considering the characteristics of geometry and composing materials of the porous structure. Using the flux and pressure conditions on horizontal boundaries and interfaces, the orthogonal property of wave motion within the porous layers through water depth is derived, and applied in the solution process. The flux and pressure conditions on vertical boundaries and interfaces are integrated to give a set of linear matrix equations, through which the unknown coefficients are solved. Comparisons of the present method with previous studies are preceded in verification, which suggests the validity and practicability of the present study, with a further expectation of extending our work to build a mild-slope equation over multiple-layer porous medium in the future.

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期刊Ocean Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2007 八月

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