A two-echelon supply chain of a returnable product with fuzzy demand

Shiow Yun Chang, Tsung Yuan Yeh

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This study investigates the effects of the manufacturer's refund on retailer's unsold products for the two-echelon decentralized and centralized supply chains of a short life and returnable product with trapezoidal fuzzy demand, in which retailer returns the unsold and the customer's unsatisfactory products to the manufacturer. For each returnable chain, we obtain the closed-form solution of order quantity to maximize the total expected profit of the supply chain, and confirm that demand fuzziness does indeed affect the order quantity and the members' expected profits. We provide a number of managerial insights by comparing both chains and show that each chain is more advantageous to the members depending on certain condition. Our models are appropriate for a supply chain with a returnable product that lacks information about the demand.

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期刊Applied Mathematical Modelling
出版狀態Published - 2013 三月 15

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