A Unified Quasi-3D Subthreshold Behavior Model for Multiple-Gate mosfets

Juin J. Liou, Hong Wun Gao, Yeong Her Wang, Te Kuang Chiang

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Based on the quasi-3D potential approach, a unified subthreshold-potential, threshold-voltage, and subthreshold-current model is developed for multiple-gate mosfets including a quadruple-gate, triple-gate, and omega-gate mosfet. This work indicates that the scaling-length-oriented subthreshold current roll-up ΔIsub and threshold voltage roll-off ΔVth provide the physical insight into well-controlled short-channel effects (SCEs) in terms of effective scaling length λeff according to the scaling factor. Besides the decreased minimum conducting channel potential ΦC,min, the smaller scaling-length-induced effective channel width/height (Weff/Heff) reflects the smaller effective conducting cross-sectional area, which reduces the subthreshold current degradation due to the increased subthreshold resistance Rsub. By accounting for the coupling factor in the quasi-3D potential approach, Weff, Heff, and ΦC,min will be increased to some extent to decrease Rsub, which, hence, degrades the subthreshold behavior more extensively in response to SCEs.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology
出版狀態Published - 2018 七月

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  • Computer Science Applications
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