Abrasion damage of a woven geotextile due to various gravelly flows

Ching-Chuan Huang, Y. S. Tzeng

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This study investigated some factors influencing the abrasion damage to a woven geotextile using a circular turbid flow chamber test system. Two uniformly graded aggregates composed of different minerals and angularities were used in the turbid flow test. Two important factors - particle concentration and flow velocity - were also investigated. It was found that the percentage of ultimate strength loss (PSR) due to abrasion damage was linearly related to these parameters and to the Los Angeles percentage weight loss, regardless of the particle size and angularity examined in this study. It was also found that the Rt method, which uses an average gradient (Rt = 18% per logarithmic cycle of test duration T) for the PSR-log T relationships obtained for T = 8 h, is potentially useful in predicting the values of PSR for relatively long test durations. The above findings are valid only for the limited test conditions investigated, and should be confirmed on the basis of comprehensive test results regarding the effect of size, hardness and shape of aggregate.

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期刊Geosynthetics International
出版狀態Published - 2007 10月 9

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