Acoustic band gaps of the woodpile sonic crystal with the simple cubic lattice

Liang Yu Wu, Lien-Wen Chen

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This study theoretically and experimentally investigates the acoustic band gap of a three-dimensional woodpile sonic crystal. Such crystals are built by blocks or rods that are orthogonally stacked together. The adjacent layers are perpendicular to each other. The woodpile structure is embedded in air background. Their band structures and transmission spectra are calculated using the finite element method with a periodic boundary condition. The dependence of the band gap on the width of the stacked rods is discussed. The deaf bands in the band structure are observed by comparing with the calculated transmission spectra. The experimental transmission spectra for the Γ-X and Γ-X' directions are also presented. The calculated results are compared with the experimental results.

期刊Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
出版狀態Published - 2011 二月 2

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