Acoustic eigenanalysis for multiply-connected problems using dual BEM

J. T. Chen, L. W. Liu, S. W. Chyuan

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In this paper, the eigenanalysis for the multiply-connected domain problem is studied by using the dual boundary element method. The occurrence and treatment of the spurious eigenvalues for multiply-connected domain problem are reviewed when the complex-valued BEM in used. Three approaches, Burton and Miller method, CHIEF concept and SVD updating techniques, are adopted to suppress the occurrence of spurious eigensolutions. Instead of using the singular and hypersingular formulations, the singularity-free methods, the null-field equation approach and the fictitious BEM, are also utilized to deal with the eigenproblem. Both the eigenvalues and eigenmodes are compared with the analytical solutions and those of FEM for the illustrative examples. Good agreement is made.

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期刊Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2004 六月

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