Acquiring knowledge with limited experience

Der Chiang Li, Chun Wu Yeh, Tung I. Tsai, Yao Hwei Fang, Susan C. Hu

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From computational learning theory, sample size in machine learning problems indeed affects the learning performance. Since only few samples can be obtained in the early stages of a system and fewer exemplars usually lead to a low learning accuracy, this research compares different machine learning methods through their classification accuracies to improve small-data-set learning. Techniques used in this paper include the mega-trend diffusion technique, a backpropagation neural network, a support vector machine, and decision trees to explore the machine learning issue with two real medical data sets concerning cancer. The result of the experiment shows that the mega-trend diffusion technique and backpropagation approaches are effective methods of small-data-set learning.

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期刊Expert Systems
出版狀態Published - 2007 7月

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