Adaptation Process of Male Kidney Transplant Recipients During the Difficult Postoperative Recovery Stage at Home

Fu Chi Yang, Shoei Shen Wang, Hsiao Mei Chen, Cheng Hsu Chen, Su Chen Pong, Ching Min Chen

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Background: Kidney transplantation is the main treatment for irreversible organ failure. It helps patients regain hope, prolongs their lives, and improves their quality of life. Because of cultural barriers, male kidney-transplant recipients in Taiwan may face a difficult adaptation process during postoperative care at home. Methods: In this qualitative exploratory study, we employed purposive sampling of male kidney-transplant recipients that was obtained from a leading medical center in Taiwan. Semi-structured, face-to-face interviews were used to collect data, which were further content analyzed. Results: All 30 qualified patients were approached and agreed to participate (age range = 29-67 years). Participants’ post–kidney transplant time frame ranged from 2 to 22 years. We revealed several difficulties that participants experienced during their postoperative recovery: (1) physical and mental exhaustion and treatment side effects; (2) worry and uncertainty about rejection, graft failure, and the future; (3) fear of losing one's job and putting the family in financial trouble; and (4) impaired self-image and social barriers. Corresponding adaptation processes included (1) experiencing shock during the early post-transplantation stage, (2) re-identification of the transition period of self-value, (3) seeking support and thinking positively, (4) accepting one's new self-image, and (5) regaining autonomy. Conclusion: The current results can be used to improve the quality of care at home for male kidney-transplant recipients. Health care providers should assist patients in the adaptation process to reduce discomfort and relieve stress. This study can also serve as a reference for future research.

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期刊Transplantation Proceedings
出版狀態Published - 2020 12月

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