Adiponectin SNP276 is associated with obesity, the metabolic syndrome, and diabetes in the elderly

Wei Shiung Yang, Yi Ching Yang, Chi Ling Chen, I. Ling Wu, Jin Ying Lu, Feng Hwa Lu, Tong Yuan Tai, Chih Jen Chang

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Background: Genetic variations of the human adiponectin gene are associated with metabolic phenotypes, including obesity, insulin sensitivity, and diabetes. However, these associations have not been examined in an elderly population. Objective: The objective of the study was to investigate whether the genetic variants of adiponectin are associated with any metabolic phenotype in the elderly. Design: In a population-based, case-control genetic association study, a total of 1438 subjects >65 y old were recruited from the community. The phenotypes of the metabolic syndrome (MetS) were measured. Four single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) were genotyped by mass spectrometry. Results: The G allele of SNP276 in intron 2 was associated with a reduced risk of obesity, MetS, and diabetes mellitus. The GT genotype relative to the GG genotype had an age- and sex-adjusted odds ratio of 1.32 for obesity [body mass index (BMI; in kg/m2) ≥ 25; P = 0.014] and of 1.33 (P = 0.011) and 1.47 (P = 0.001) for MetS according to modified National Cholesterol Education Program and International Diabetes Federation criteria, respectively. The age-, sex-, and BMI-adjusted odds ratio of diabetes mellitus for the GT and TT genotypes relative to the GG genotype were 1.28 (P=0.042) and 1.72 (P = 0.013), respectively, and there was an obvious dosage effect (P for trend = 0.004). In linear regression after adjustment for age, sex, and BMI, the GT and TT genotypes were associated with fasting plasma glucose concentrations 5.2 and 11.1 mg/dL higher, respectively, than those of the GG genotype. Conclusions: Genetic variation of the adiponectin gene is associated with obesity, MetS, and diabetes mellitus in the elderly. The genetic effect on diabetes mellitus is partially independent of BMI.

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期刊American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
出版狀態Published - 2007 八月 1


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