Admission to nursing homes in Taiwan

Li-Fan Liu, Anthea Tinker

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The population of Taiwan is facing a radical ageing process. A proportion of the growing number of people aged 65 and over is expected to need nursing home care. This research concerns the family context of decision-making in the process of admission to a nursing home in Taiwan. Employing survey data from interviews with elderly people in nursing homes (235 interviews) and their carers/key families (265 interviews), the factors affecting their views about admission were explored. Bivariate analysis and a logistic regression model were also used to examine perceptions of alternatives to nursing home care among family members with elderly relatives in nursing homes. Most elderly people in Taiwan are cared for in their own homes by their families but, in some circumstances, entry to a nursing home seemed inevitable. This research found that the decisions were taken mainly within a family context. The adult children of the elderly people, carers/key families' preferences and the availability of carers influenced the decision. Apart from the important need factors of elders, families' views about alternatives to nursing homes were significantly influenced by their preferences. This study has important implications for long-term care in Taiwan. It is hoped that this will be needs-led, both by elderly people and their families.

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期刊Social Policy and Administration
出版狀態Published - 2003 八月 1

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