Adsorption of tetracycline on 2:1 layered non-swelling clay mineral illite

Po Hsiang Chang, Zhaohui Li, Jiin Shuh Jean, Wei Teh Jiang, Chih Jen Wang, Kao Hung Lin

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The removal of tetracycline (TC) from aqueous environment by illite (IMt-2) was studied in a batch system at different pH and ionic strength conditions. Adsorbent characterizations were determined by XRD and FTIR. The TC adsorption capacity on IMt-2 was 32. mg/g at pH 5-6 and the adsorption equilibrium data obeyed the Freundlich isotherm. The kinetics of TC adsorption was moderately fast and almost reached equilibrium in 8. h and the results followed pseudo-second-order kinetic model and Elovich model. The X-ray diffraction patterns before and after TC adsorption revealed no changes in basal spacing and intensity under two kinetic adsorption and a few initial TC concentration conditions, indicating that the adsorbed TC molecules were on the external surface of the mineral in contrast to intercalation of TC into swelling clay minerals, such as montmorillonite and rectorite. In spite of its low TC adsorption capacity, the results suggested that IMt-2 could be a good candidate to remove TC from wastewater containing higher amounts of TC and illite would be an important environmental sink for the fate and transport of TC in soils.

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期刊Applied Clay Science
出版狀態Published - 2012 10月

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