Advanced Manufacturing Cloud of Things (AMCoT) Framework

Min Hsiung Hung, Chao Chun Chen, Yu Chuan Lin

研究成果: Chapter


This chapter describes the key components of the Advanced Manufacturing Cloud of Things (AMCoT) framework and depicts how to design and implement them by utilizing advanced information and communication technologies, such as cloud computing, edge computing, Internet of Things, big data analytics (BDA), and container technologies. The AMCoT framework consists of two parts: the cloud part and the factory part. The cloud part of the AMCoT framework contains the following five key components: web servers, manufacturing services automated construction scheme (MSACS), Docker and Kubernetes environment, containerized MSACS, and BDA application platform. The chapter presents the framework designs of cyber-physical agent (CPA) and containerized CPA. It shows that the performance evaluation of the BDA application platform in processing big data. For storing and processing production-related big data, the cloud part of the AMCoT framework contains a BDA application platform. The practitioners in manufacturing industries can refer to contents for building their desired intelligent manufacturing platforms.

主出版物標題Industry 4.1
主出版物子標題Intelligent Manufacturing with Zero Defects
出版狀態Published - 2021 1月 1

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