Advanced mass spectrometry for beverage safety and forensic

Chiou Yun Chen, Suresh Kumar Aggarwal, Chuan Hsiung Chung, Chen Feng You

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The globalization of the beverage industry simultaneously raised the consideration of beverage quality, safety, and provenances, especially for some high-quality and high-price products. To make sure that the beverage industry chain is functioning properly, how to discriminate beverage authenticity and protect consumers from potential toxic metals, as well as implementation of fair trading procedures, these have become critical issues for policy makers to take into consideration and solve. In the latest decade, complete regulations among the countries have been established step by step. In this chapter of Volume 18, suitable and efficient analysis strategies and technologies, developed and accepted by world laboratories, will be illustrated, reviewed, and discussed.

主出版物標題Safety Issues in Beverage Production
主出版物子標題Volume 18: The Science of Beverages
出版狀態Published - 2019 一月 1

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