Advances in designing au nanoparticles for catalytic epoxidation of propylene with h2 and o2

Van Huy Nguyen, Ba Son Nguyen, Chechia Hu, Ajit Sharma, Dai Viet N. Vo, Zhong Jin, Mohammadreza Shokouhimehr, Ho Won Jang, Soo Young Kim, Quyet Van Le

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Au nanoparticles, which can be used in various industrial and environmental applications, have drawn substantial research interest. In this review, a comprehensive background and some insights are provided regarding recent studies concerning the use of Au nanoparticles for catalytic propylene epoxidation with H2 and O2. Over the last two decades, substantial progress has been made toward the efficient production of propylene oxide (PO); this includes the design of highly dispersed Au catalysts on Ti-modified mesoporous silica supports, the optimization of catalytic epoxidation, and the determination of the mechanisms and reaction pathways of epoxidation. Particularly, the critical roles of catalyst synthesis, the types of material support, Au nanoparticle sizes, and the dispersion amounts of Au nanoparticles are emphasized in this review. In future studies, novel, practical, robust, and highly PO-selective Au nanoparticle catalyst systems are expected to be continually designed for the enhanced catalytic epoxidation of propylene.

出版狀態Published - 2020 四月

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  • Catalysis
  • Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

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