Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Standard Dynamics Model in a Spinning Motion

K. M. Chung, Y. X. Huang, W. H. Chen, Y. T. Liao, J. M. Huang

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A rotary balance technique is developed at the Aerospace Science and Technology Research Center (ASTRC) of National Chung Kung University. The aerodynamic characteristics of a standard dynamics model (SDM) with a generic fighter-aircraft shape in a spinning motion are determined for an angle of attack of 0°~30° and a reduced frequency of -0.1~0.1. For a specific angle of attack, a change in the reduced frequency has a minor effect on the coefficients for normal force and pitching moment. The difference between the data and the results from other wind tunnel tests (NASA Ames and FD-09) increases as the angle of attack increases, so the Reynolds number and the compressibility for coefficients of normal force and pitching have an effect. For side force and rolling/yawing moments, the results agree reasonably well, as do the derivatives with respect to the rotational speed.

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期刊Journal of Aeronautics, Astronautics and Aviation
出版狀態Published - 2022 6月

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  • 航空工程
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