Age-friendly urbanism: Intertwining ageing in place and place in ageing

Yi Sun, Mee Kam Ng, Tzu Yuan Stessa Chao

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Urbanisation and population ageing are two critical trends identified in the New Urban Agenda. Understanding the relationship between environment-related experiences and well-being is conducive to achieving an age-friendly urbanism. We argue that place, as a location, a material form and an expression of value, is an essential component of this relationship. Physical and social environments shape socio-spatial experiences and hence ones well-being, bearing significant implications for the current policy movement of ageing in place. Environment comprises contexts whereby older people develop sentimental and emotive links to the place they live. Such links give rise to residential satisfaction and place attachment, the psychological experiences that highlight the importance of place in ageing. The article calls for research and planning practices to shed light on policies concerning age-friendly urbanism.

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期刊Town Planning Review
出版狀態Published - 2020 11月 1

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