AlGaInP multiquantum well light-emitting diodes

S. J. Chang, C. S. Chang, Y. K. Su, P. T. Chang, Y. R. Wu, K. H. Huang, T. P. Chen

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AlGaInP DH, DH + DBR and MQW LEDs were fabricated and their luminescence properties were compared. It was found that AlGaInP MQW LEDs are brighter than DH and DH + DBR LEDs, particularly under low current injection. For MQW LEDs, the EL intensity will increase as the number of wells increases. Furthermore, the output intensity is also a function of the barrier layer thickness lB- As lB increases, the EL intensity will become larger. Reliability tests under DC and pulse operation were measured and it was found that the AlGaInP MQW LEDs used in this study are more reliable than the DH + DBR LED. Under pulse operation it was found that, as the number of wells increases, the amount of decay will become smaller.

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期刊IEE Proceedings: Optoelectronics
出版狀態Published - 1997

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  • 原子與分子物理與光學
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