AlGaN/GaN MOSHEMTs with liquid-phase-deposited TiO 2 as gate dielectric

Tsu Yi Wu, Shun Kuan Lin, Po Wen Sze, Jian Jiun Huang, Wei Chi Chien, Chih Chun Hu, Ming Ji Tsai, Yeong Her Wang

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TiO 2 films deposited on GaN layers at room temperature through a simple and low-cost liquid-phase deposition (LPD) method are investigated and served as gate dielectrics in AlGaN/GaN MOSHEMTs. The electrical characteristics of the MOS structure on n-doped GaN show that the leakage current is about 1.01 × 10 -7 A/cm 2 at 1 MV/cm and that the breakdown field is more than 6.5 MV/cm. Themaximum drain current density of MOSHEMTs is higher than that of conventional HEMTs, and a wider gate voltage swing can also be observed. The maximum transconductance and threshold voltage almost maintain the same characteristics, even after inserting a dielectric layer between the gate metal and the 2DEG channel by using TiO 2 as a gate dielectric. The gate leakage current density is significantly improved, and the bias stress measurement shows that current collapse is much suppressed for MOSHEMTs.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
出版狀態Published - 2009 十二月

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