Alpha-particle physics in the tokamak fusion test reactor DT experiment

S. J. Zweben, V. Arunasalam, S. H. Batha, R. V. Budny, C. E. Bush, S. Cauffman, C. S. Chang, Z. Chang, C. Z. Cheng, D. S. Darrow, R. O. Dendy, H. H. Duong, N. J. Fisch, E. D. Fredrickson, R. K. Fisher, R. J. Fonck, G. Y. Fu, V. Goloborod'ko, N. Gorelenkov, R. J. HawrylukR. Heeter, W. W. Heidbrink, H. W. Hermann, M. Hermann, D. W. Johnson, J. Machuzak, R. Majeski, K. M. McGuire, G. McKee, S. S. Medley, H. E. Mynick, R. Nazikian, M. P. Petrov, M. H. Redi, S. Reznik, J. Rogers, G. Schilling, D. A. Spong, J. D. Strachan, B. C. Stratton, E. Synakowski, G. Taylor, S. Wang, R. B. White, K. L. Wong, V. Yavorski

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A summary is presented of recent alpha-particle experiments on the tokamak fusion test reactor. Alpha particles are generally well confined in MHD-quiescent discharges, and alpha heating of electrons has been observed. The theoretically predicted toroidicity-induced Alfvén eigenmode has been seen in discharges of ≤ 1 MW of alpha power, but only in plasmas with weak magnetic shear.

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期刊Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
出版狀態Published - 1997

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