Alternate hop-and-wait channel rendezvous method for cognitive radio networks

Ihsun Chuang, Hsiao Yun Wu, Kuan Rong Lee, Yau Hwang Kuo

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Cognitive Radio (CR) is an emerging technology developed to improve the utilization of licensed spectra, and a promising solution to alleviate the spectrum shortage problem. In cognitive radio networks (CRNs), if users want to establish communication links with neighbors, they need to rendezvous on an available channel. However, it is infeasible to employ a common control channel (CCC) in a licensed spectrum, because the CCC will be congested by primary users and degrade the performance of CRNs by the single point of failure problem. Therefore, the channel hopping (CH) based methods without CCC support are usually adopted to establish rendezvous in CRNs. This kind of rendezvous is called blind rendezvous and generally estimated by the following criteria: 1) asynchronous rendezvous support, 2) guaranteed rendezvous, 3) asymmetric model support, 4) multi-user/multi-hop scenario support, and 5) short time-to-rendezvous (TTR). Most existing blind rendezvous methods fail to fully satisfy these criteria or have considerable TTR which is significantly increased with the number of available channels. In this paper, the alternate hop-and-wait CH method is proposed to solve these problems. Furthermore, each user has a unique alternating sequence of HOP and WAIT modes. The theoretical analysis results have confirmed that the proposed method satisfies all evaluation criteria mentioned above and provides shorter TTR. According to simulation results, the performance of the proposed method even is two times better than Jump-Stay algorithm (JS), which is the most efficient blind rendezvous method as we know, under the asymmetric model which is much critical for CRNs.

主出版物標題2013 Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM 2013
出版狀態Published - 2013 9月 2
事件32nd IEEE Conference on Computer Communications, IEEE INFOCOM 2013 - Turin, Italy
持續時間: 2013 4月 142013 4月 19


名字Proceedings - IEEE INFOCOM


Other32nd IEEE Conference on Computer Communications, IEEE INFOCOM 2013

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