An approach to measure tilt motion, straightness and position of precision linear stage with a 3d sinusoidal-groove linear reflective grating and triangular wave-based subdivision method

Hsiu An Tsai, Yu Lung Lo

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This work presents a novel and compact method for simultaneously measuring errors in linear displacement and vertical straightness of a moving linear air-bearing stage using 3D sinusoidal-groove linear reflective grating and a novel triangular wave-based sequence signal analysis method. The new scheme is distinct from the previous studies as it considers two signals to analyze linear displacement and vertical straightness. In addition, the tilt motion of the precision linear stage could also be measured using the 3D sinusoidal-groove linear reflective grating. The proposed system is similar to a linear encoder and can make online measurements of stage errors to analyze automatic processes and also be used for real-time monitoring. The performance of the proposed method and its reliability have been verified by experiments. The experiments show that the maximum error of measured tilt angle, linear displacement, and vertical straightness error is less than 0.058°, 0.239 μm, and 0.188 μm, respectively. The maximum repeatability error on measurement of tilt angle, linear displacement, and vertical straightness error is less than ±0.189o, ±0.093 μm, and ±0.016 μm, respectively. The proposed system is suitable for error compensation in the multi-axis system and finds application in most industries.

期刊Sensors (Switzerland)
出版狀態Published - 2019 六月 2


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