An atomistic study of nanosprings

I. Ling Chang, Min Shao Yeh

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Molecular statics method incorporating minimum energy concept was employed to study the one-dimensional copper nanospring with faced-center-cubic crystal structure. Various geometric sizes (wire diameter, radius, pitch), numbers of turns and crystal orientations of nanosprings were systematically modeled to investigate the size dependence of elastic properties. It was observed that as the wire diameter increases and the radius and number of turns decrease, the nanospring stiffness would increase irrespective of the crystal orientations. Moreover, the elastic constants of nanosprings would become larger while the pitches become smaller for almost all the crystal orientations. Also the simulation results were compared to the predictions based on continuum theory in order to clarify whether the classical theory could apply to nanosprings.

期刊Journal of Applied Physics
出版狀態Published - 2008 八月 12

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