An Automatic-Identification-System-Based Vessel Security System

Mu Yen Chen, Hsin Te Wu

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As today's transportation systems have gradually developed into intelligent transportation systems, the fundamental elements of the system consist of vessels, harbors, and ship-shore information-communication technology applications. Safety is the priority for intelligent transportation, securing the transportation environment for vessels. Because there are more dangerous situations when sailing in the sea, our research deploys artificial intelligence of thing with the 5G network to ensure ship safety. To achieve the goal of intelligent ships for vessels to share information between groups; moreover, the geofencing technology can protect vessels from sailing into risky zones. The security mechanism of our system can detect malicious attacks from Dynamic Domain Name System and radio jamming attacks. Additionally, the network security mechanism proposed in this article can safeguard data reliability and safety, enabling vessels to detect collisions in the front and improve safety through the 5G network and the sensor. The performance analysis has proven that the network security approach of this article surpasses other studies; regarding the geofencing part, this article has also conducted a practical experiment to introduce it into the automatic-identification-system (AIS) and 5G system. The experimental results prove that the suggested approach can ensure the AIS network security in vessels; moreover, the system can precisely judge whether there are obstacles in front of the ship, making sure the vessel safety.

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期刊IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
出版狀態Published - 2023 1月 1

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