An automatic mass detection system in mammograms based on complex texture features

Shen-Chuan Tai, Zih Siou Chen, Wei Ting Tsai

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It is difficult for radiologists to identify the masses on a mammogram because they are surrounded by complicated tissues. In current breast cancer screening, radiologists often miss approximately 10-30% of tumors because of the ambiguous margins of lesions and visual fatigue resulting from long-time diagnosis. For these reasons, many computer-aided detection (CADe) systems have been developed to aid radiologists in detecting mammographic lesions which may indicate the presence of breast cancer. This study presents an automatic CADe system that uses local and discrete texture features for mammographic mass detection. This system segments some adaptive square regions of interest (ROIs) for suspicious areas. This study also proposes two complex feature extraction methods based on cooccurrence matrix and optical density transformation to describe local texture characteristics and the discrete photometric distribution of each ROI. Finally, this study uses stepwise linear discriminant analysis to classify abnormal regions by selecting and rating the individual performance of each feature. Results show that the proposed system achieves satisfactory detection performance.

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期刊IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics
出版狀態Published - 2014 一月 1

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