An efficient resource management scheme in light-trail networks

Ching Fang Hsu, Ke Kuan Hsu

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Light-trail, a framework proposed in the past few years, is generalized from the concept of lightpath, and its distinguishing features include bandwidth sharing and efficient bandwidth utilization. Performance of light-trail networks depends on the routing algorithm and the dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) scheme, and the former issue has been discussed extensively. In this work, we aim at the design of an efficient DBA scheme, named Demand and Delay-latency Aware with Two-round Deliberation (D 2ATD) , to allocate bandwidth more accurately and efficiently in light-trail networks. In addition to DBA issue, D 2ATD includes a light-trail setup/release mechanism as well. As expected, the simulation results reveal superiority of D 2ATD in both blocking performance and delay performance. Although D 2ATD pays a price of control overhead for performance gain, it is still reasonable since the amount of control messages does not exceed the capacity of the control channel. It verifies that D 2ATD can properly employ the control channel to achieve excellent performance.

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期刊Photonic Network Communications
出版狀態Published - 2017 4月 1

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