An elaboration likelihood model of consumer respond action to facebook second-hand marketplace: Impulsiveness as a moderator

Hsin Hsin Chang, Yu Yu Lu, Shao Cian Lin

研究成果: Article


The Elaboration Likelihood Model is adopted in this study to examine the interaction of central route factors (information completeness and information accuracy) and peripheral route factors (post esthetics and post popularity) on consumer behavior in the Facebook Second-hand Marketplace. Impulsiveness served as a moderator affecting the relationship between consumer attitudes and behavior. Eight scenarios were designed to test the effects of post characteristics on consumer responses and purchase behavior. Hedonic and utilitarian products were used in the scenarios to compare the differences among different product types. A total of 908 valid questionnaires were collected. The results of the data analysis indicated that consumers who process messages through the central route tend to respond to the post before initiating purchase intention. On the other hand, consumers who process messages through the peripheral route tend to initiate purchase intention directly if they feel favorable toward a post. Regarding the post characteristics, post popularity was found to be the most crucial factor related to enhancing perceived persuasiveness. According to the results and findings, it is suggested that sellers on the Facebook Second-hand Marketplace should provide messages about their product as accurately as completely as possible to strengthen positive impressions of their posts. Otherwise, they need to provide an interesting introduction or esthetic pictures to attract consumer attention.

期刊Information and Management
出版狀態Published - 2020 三月


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