An emerging human security threat on pacific Island States: Analyzing legal and political implications of territorial inundation

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The Inconvenient Truth , Al Gore's documentary film rewarded by an Oscar in 2007, elicits conflictual discussions and diverse views on the effects of climate change in the United States and other industrialized states. The climate crisis has particularly jeopardized small island states even more than developed ones, and the threats there are already present. As Paul Telukluk, the Minister for Lands, Energy and Environment of Vanuatu, said: "The impacts of climate change are cross cutting and affect all sectors. Most of Vanuatu's economic sectors are climate sensitive and are often affected by climate extremes" (Willie 2001 ) . Actually, the tsunami disaster in December 2004 inundated half of Mahe, the Capital of Maldives, a small island state (SIS) in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives Tourist Office even ran an ironic advertisement urging tourists to come and visit Maldives before it is too late ( Space Daily 2005 ) . A storm hitting the South Pacific in November 2003 caused many islands to be completely submerged, including 95% of the territory of Kiribati and nine uninhabited islands in Tuvalu, another two small island states.

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