An evaluation of research performance in management of 168 Taiwan universities

Chiang Kao, Hwei Lan Pao

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As the major concerns of the university are teaching and research, this paper describes the study of a nation-wide evaluation of research performance in management for 168 universities in Taiwan. In addition to the popular indicators of SCI/SSCI journal publications and citations, the number of projects funded by the National Science Council of Taiwan was used to account for the special characteristic of the field of management. The evaluation was based on individual professors rather than management programs, so that all types of universities, including those without management departments, could be compared. Performances of each university in those three indicators were aggregated by a set of a posteriori weights which were most favourable to all universities in calculating the aggregated score. The results show that public universities, in general, performed better than private ones. Universities with specific missions had comparable performance to general comprehensive ones. Analyses from a set of a priori weights solicited from experts showed that the results of this study are robust to the indicators selected and the weights used.

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出版狀態Published - 2009

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