An integrated study of entrepreneurs' opportunism

Shueh Chin Ting, Cheng Nan Chen, Darrell E. Bartholomew

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Purpose - The purpose of this paper is, first, to provide a comprehensive discussion about entrepreneur opportunism's antecedents (uncertainty, information asymmetry, asset specificity and relational exchange) and consequences (transaction cost, trust, commitment, performance, and cooperation) and, second, to construct a model by linking entrepreneurs' opportunism and its antecedents and consequences. Design/methodology/approach - The paper tests the theoretical construction empirically. In total, 200 retailers of the computer industry in Taiwan participated in the investigation. The linear regression analysis is applied to the tests of the hypotheses. Findings - The study finds that uncertainty and information asymmetry induce the generation of entrepreneurs' opportunism, while asset specificity and relational exchange can be used to lower entrepreneurs' opportunism. Entrepreneurs' opportunism incurs transaction costs and lowers trust, commitment, performance, and cooperation. Research limitations/implications - Limitations associate with the model variables, the cooperative willingness of retailers, the empirical industry and country, and the explored relationships. However, the model provides a basis for further studying the antecedents and consequences of an entrepreneur's opportunism. Practical implications - Insights derived from this study will provide managers with the appropriate strategies of relationship marketing to solve opportunism's problem in a channel relationship and attain better relationship outcomes. Originality/value - This study integrates the antecedents and consequences of entrepreneurs' opportunism in one model. From a managerial perspective, the results of this study are of importance because they provide evidences for the causal relationships of entrepreneur's opportunism.

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期刊Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing
出版狀態Published - 2007

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