An intelligent emergency rescue assistance system for mountaineers

Shih Hsiung Lee, Cheng Yao Hsu, Chu Sing Yang

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Mountaineering is one of main recreational activities of modern people. The mountain accidents include mountain sickness, hypothermia, missing, accidental fall and so on. This paper proposes an intelligent emergency rescue assisted mountaineering system, including a wearable device and a management platform. The physiological signals are monitored for mountain sickness and hypothermia, asking the user to take precautionary measures in advance. In the missing and accidental fall scenarios, the search and rescue team is provided with timely information, and the wearable device is switched to emergency beacon signal automatically, helpful to increase the efficiency of search and rescue. Added to this, the mobile device is integrated with Bluetooth, the mobile device can send the geo information and the information on the wearable device to the management system by means of its communication capability. When an accident happens, the mobile device and wearable device send the beacon signal crosswise, the power usage rate is maximised effectively, the search and rescue time is prolonged. This system architecture effectively prevents mountain accidents, indicates the location and informs related units to provide emergency rescue at the soonest.

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期刊International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions
出版狀態Published - 2018

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