An ISO 9001:2000 quality information system in e-commerce environment

Bertram Tan, Chinho Lin, Hsiang Chin Hung

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The 1994 versions of the ISO 9000 family were revised by ISO's technical committee TC 176 in the end of year 2000. This new ISO 9001:2000 repositions the 20 elements of the old ISO 9001:1994 into four main chapters. Meanwhile, electronic commerce (e-commerce) has been recognized as a source of fundamental change to the conduct of business. Innovative applications of information and communication technologies are constantly reshaping the organizational landscape. Examines the quality information needed under the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, proposes a quality information system structure with WWW-based intranet infrastructure and discusses the role of quality information system (QIS) in the e-commerce integrated environment. Four main functions are constructed via six basic modules. Each function is described with IDEFO diagrams. Under this QIS, organizations will be better able to manage their quality related knowledge.

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期刊Industrial Management and Data Systems
出版狀態Published - 2003

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