Analysis of composite finite wedges under anti-plane shear

Chih Hao Chen, Chein Lee Wang, Chien Chung Ke

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Problems of composite finite wedges under anti-plane shear applied on a circular arc are analyzed in this study. The considered conditions of radial edges are free-free, free-fixed, and fixed-fixed. A procedure that uses the finite Mellin transform and the Laplace transform is developed to solve these problems. Explicit solutions for displacement and stress fields are derived. Stress intensity factors (SIFs) of composite circular shafts with an interfacial edge crack are extracted from the derived stress fields, and the distributions for various loading angles are presented and discussed. It was found that if the loading angles are the same, free-free and fixed-fixed edge problems can be degenerated into single material problems. Uniform stresses were found along the interface in free-free and fixed-fixed edge problems. Solutions of a general loading case deduced from the derived results compare well with those obtained from finite element (FE) analyses.

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期刊International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
出版狀態Published - 2009 八月 1

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