Analysis of landslide dam geometries

Yu Shu Kuo, Yun Chung Tsang, Kun Ting Chen, Chjeng Lun Shieh

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The geometry of a landslide dam is an important component of evaluating dam stability. However, the geometry of a natural dam commonly cannot be obtained immediately with field investigations due to their remote locations. A rapid evaluation model is presented to estimate the geometries of natural dams based on the slope of the stream, volume of landslides, and the properties of the deposit. The proposed model uses high resolution satellite images to determine the geometry of the landside dam. These satellite images are the basic information to a preliminary stability analysis of a natural dam. This study applies the proposed method to two case studies in Taiwan. One is the earthquake-induced Lung-Chung landslide dam in Taitung, and the second is the rainfall-induced Shih-Wun landslide dam in Pingtung.

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期刊Journal of Mountain Science
出版狀態Published - 2011 八月 1

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  • Global and Planetary Change
  • Geography, Planning and Development
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