Analytic-FEM modelling of flexible wavemaker problems

J. Lee, S. Huang

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The analysis of interactions between waves and structure is important in designing concept and applications. If the material of the structure is flexible, then the problem is more complicated, because of the coupling of the structural motion and external flow. The flexible wavemaker problem can provide basic understanding of the structure motion in the wave field, and is essential to the general problems. In this study, the flexible wavemaker problem is presented. The flexible wavemaker is modelled by a finite element method (FEM), and the fluid motion is described by an analytic solution. The coupling between wave and structure is solved through the use of the boundary condition at the interface, together with the orthogonal function of the wave motion. Detailed description of the decoupling formulation is provided in the paper. Using the developed analytic-FEM model numerical convergence is testified. The numerical results are compared with analytic solution for simple structure geometry. The structure deformations and the generated waves are calculated. The added mass and radiation damping of the flexible structure are also presented.

出版狀態Published - 1996 1月 1
事件Proceedings of the 1996 6th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference. Part 2 (of 4) - Los Angeles, CA, USA
持續時間: 1996 5月 261996 5月 31


OtherProceedings of the 1996 6th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference. Part 2 (of 4)
城市Los Angeles, CA, USA

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