Analytical calculations on low-frequency excitations in AA-stacked bilayer graphene

Ying Chih Chuang, Jhao Ying Wu, Min-Fa Lin

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The bare response functions and the dielectric function tensor in AA-stacked bilayer graphene are investigated analytically within the tight-binding model and the random-phase approximation. They are dominated by the interlayer atomic interactions. The main features of the single-particle excitations are associated with the Fermi-momentum states. The intralayer and interlayer polarization functions possess two kinds of simple relations, which correspond to the electronic excitations between different-pair and same-pair linear energy bands, respectively. There exist optical and acoustic plasmons. At long wavelengths, the plasmon frequencies show a different dependence on the transferred momentum. These frequency dispersions calculated from the vanishing real-part determinant of the dielectric function tensor are consistent with those obtained from the numerical loss functions. The analytical response functions are useful in understanding other many-body effects.

期刊Journal of the Physical Society of Japan
出版狀態Published - 2012 十二月 1

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