Antiplane stress singularities in a bonded bimaterial piezoelectric wedge

C. H. Chue, Chung-De Chen

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In this paper, the eigen-equations governing antiplane stress singularities in a bonded piezoelectric wedge are derived analytically. Boundary conditions are set as various combinations of traction-free, clamped, electrically open and electrically closed ones. Application of the Mellin transform to the stress/electric displacement function or displacement/electric potential function and particular boundary and continuity conditions yields identical eigen-equations. All of the analytical results are tabulated. It is found that the singularity orders of a bonded bimaterial piezoelectric wedge may be complex, as opposed to those of the antiplane elastic bonded wedge, which are always real. For a single piezoelectric wedge, the eigen-equations are independent of material constants, and the eigenvalues are all real, except in the case of the combination C-D. In this special case, C-D, the real part of the complex eigenvalues is not dependent on material constants, while the imaginary part is.

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期刊Archive of Applied Mechanics
出版狀態Published - 2003 一月 1

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