Application of mobile-based web app to enhance simple suturing skills of nurse practitioners

Jun Ming Su, Chen Yu Wu, Wei Ting Hong, Pin Shuo Chen, Kuo Shu Hung, Chih Jung Wang

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Background: Suturing is a crucial clinical skill for nurse practitioners (NPs), but the effectiveness of traditional training methods (e.g., physical suture kits combined with video content) is low. Objective: This study compared the effectiveness and usability of a mobile-based web app (MoWa) developed for NPs to learn simple suturing skills with those of traditional instructional video–based training. Methods: The MoWa system utilizes mobile devices to simulate hands-on suturing and provides learning guidance and feedback to support self-learning with a physical suturing kit. Fifty-four suturing novices (NPs) were recruited as participants, divided into an experimental group (EG: 28 participants) and a control group (CG: 26 participants), and instructed to self-learn for 3 weeks. Learning effectiveness and system usability were evaluated through a pretest and posttest. Results: The EG exhibited significant improvements in learning outcomes, self-confidence, self-efficacy, and learning anxiety and expressed satisfaction with the MoWa system. Furthermore, the EG also considerably enhanced learning outcomes, self-efficacy, and learning anxiety compared to the CG, with no significant difference in self-confidence. Conclusion: The MoWa system combined with deliberate practice is an effective strategy for supporting suturing skills training.

期刊Nurse Education Today
出版狀態Published - 2023 12月

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