Application of nanocomposites in integrated photocatalytic techniques for water pollution remediation

R. Suresh, Lalitha Gnanasekaran, Saravanan Rajendran, Matias Soto-Moscoso, Wei Hsin Chen, Pau Loke Show, Kuan Shiong Khoo

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In recent years, photocatalysis integrated with other water purification technique is emerging to decontaminate the polluted water effectively. Herein, a focus on adsorptive photocatalysis, photo-Fenton, photo–electrocatalysis, photocatalytic ozonation, sono-photocatalysis and photo–piezocatalytic techniques developed for degradation of organic water pollutants has been provided. Specifically, application of nanocomposites in the degradation of different organic pollutants (dyes, pesticides, antibiotics, phenolic compounds etc.,) via integrated photocatalysis was reviewed. The catalytic performances of different nanocomposites along with the experimental parameters such as dosage, light source, irradiation time, pollutant’ concentration was summarized. Photocatalysis integrated with multiple techniques was also introduced. Current challenges, future perspectives and conclusion of this literature survey have been briefed. Researchers who are working in photocatalytic water treatment might be benefited by this review.

期刊Environmental Technology and Innovation
出版狀態Published - 2023 8月

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