Application of Nanofluids in Solar Desalination Process: A Review

Avinash Yadav, Yashvir Singh, Erween Abd Rahim, Prateek Negi, Wei Hsin Chen, Nishant Kumar Singh, Abhishek Sharma

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Solar still is the process by which salt water can be converted into a useful form. Climate change and continued global freshwater consumption have put pressure on groundwater resources continuously extracted for decades. This has compelled researchers to work on alternative resources that meet the need for fresh water in the near future, which alternatively reduces the dependence on groundwater and converts it from available resources to provide fresh water. Also helps which might otherwise go unused. The current paper reviews the performance analysis of the solar desalination system. It is used in many applications, especially in solar energy desalination technologies. The paper focuses on the passive and active solar still technologies and their related thermal performance analysis with suitable outcomes. Along with this, the benefits of using nanofluids are also highlighted from the positive perspective on the desalination system.

主出版物標題Biowaste and Biomass in Biofuel Applications
發行者CRC Press
出版狀態Published - 2023 1月 1

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