Application of retracked satellite altimetry for inland hydrologic studies

Manman Zhang, Hyongki Lee, C. K. Shum, Doug Alsdorf, Frank Schwartz, Kuo Hsin Tseng, Yuchan Yi, Chung Yen Kuo, Hong Zeng Tseng, Alexander Braun, Stéphane Calmant, Filizola Naziano, Frederique Seyler

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We explored the application of satellite radar altimetry for the monitoring of small inland bodies of water and hydrologic studies using a water-detection algorithm, optimally retracked TOPEX/POSEIDON data at 10-Hz sampling, and investigated the use of radar backscatter to improve land cover classification. The procedure was demonstrated over Manitoba and south-western (SW) Ontario, and the Amazon River Basin study regions. Compared with an L-band synthetic aperture radar data generated water-land cover mask, the water-detection algorithm detected more water points over the Amazon basin. High correlation of 0.98 between the retracked 10-Hz altimetry and the gauge measurements in Manitoba confirmed that the retracked TOPEX data are more accurate than the non-retracked data, and with higher along-track spatial resolution by virtue of its higher sampling at 10 Hz.

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期刊International Journal of Remote Sensing
出版狀態Published - 2010 4月

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