Artefact-reduced kinematics measurement using a geometric finger model with mixture-prior particle filtering

Cheung Wen Chang, Li Chieh Kuo, I. Ming Jou, Fong Chin Su, Yung Nien Sun

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It is challenging to measure the finger's kinematics of underlying bones in vivo. This paper presents a new method of finger kinematics measurement, using a geometric finger model and several markers deliberately stuck on skin surface. Using a multiple-view camera system, the optimal motion parameters of finger model were estimated using the proposed mixture-prior particle filtering. This prior, consisting of model and marker information, avoids generating improper particles for achieving near real-time performance. This method was validated using a planar fluoroscopy system that worked simultaneously with photographic system. Ten male subjects with asymptomatic hands were investigated in experiments. The results showed that the kinematic parameters could be estimated more accurately by the proposed method than by using only markers. There was 20-40% reduction in skin artefacts achieved for finger flexion/extension. Thus, this profile system can be developed as a tool of reliable kinematics measurement with good applicability for hand rehabilitation.

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期刊Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2013 八月 1

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