Assessment of environmental conditions of Nan-Shih stream in Taiwan

Tung Jer Hu, Hsiao Wen Wang, Hong Yuan Lee

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Restoration is a complex endeavor requiring the understanding of the degrading environment before applying any improvement measure. Environmental and ecological data in Nan-Shih stream were investigated in this study to assess its stream condition. Based on the data collected, the Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI index) which takes fish species as the major target, the Family-level Biotic Index (FBI) aquatic insects Hilsenhoff index and the Genus Index (GI) of algae were thus analyzed to quantify Nan-Shih stream's ecological system. The indices above were then applied on Index of Stream Condition (ISC index) to describe the overall river condition. Modified sub-indices, including the hydrology, physical form, streamside zone, water quality, and aquatic life, were made and used to provide baseline assessment information. ISC value is 33.89 evaluated as marginal level, in which hydrology sub-index score was the lowest indicating impact of artificial structures affecting flow significantly. The recommendations of the river corridor restoration and the habitat improvement were thus proposed as a reference for river management.

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期刊Ecological Indicators
出版狀態Published - 2007 四月

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