Atomic mobility in a ternary liquid Ga–In–Sn alloy of the eutectic composition

D. Yu Nefedov, A. O. Antonenko, D. Yu Podorozhkin, A. V. Uskov, E. V. Charnaya, M. K. Lee, J. L. Chang, J. Haase, D. Michel, Yu A. Kumzerov, A. V. Fokin, M. I. Samoilovich, A. S. Bugaev

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The nuclear spin–lattice relaxation and Knight shift of 71Ga, 69Ga, and 115In nuclei in a ternary liquid gallium–indium–tin alloy of the eutectic composition, which was introduced into pores of an opal matrix and porous glasses with pore sizes of 18 and 7 nm, have been investigated and compared with those for the bulk melt. It has been found that longitudinal relaxation is accelerated and the Knight shift is decreased, depending on the size of pores. The correlation time of the atomic motion has been calculated for the nanostructured melt in porous matrices. It has been shown that the atomic mobility in the melt decreases with decreasing size of pores in the glasses.

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期刊Physics of the Solid State
出版狀態Published - 2017 二月 1

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