Au/AuBe/Cr contact to p-ZnTe

Shoou-Jinn Chang, W. R. Chen, Y. K. Su, Jiann-Fuh Chen, W. H. Lan, C. I. Chiang, W. J. Lin, Y. T. Cherng, C. H. Liu

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Au/AuBe and Au/AuBe/Cr contacts have been deposited onto the surface of p-ZnTe. It was found that with a proper choice of Cr thickness, a low specific contact resistance of 2.0 × 106Ωcm2 can be achieved for Au/AuBe/Cr on p-ZnTe. It was also found that Zn outdiffusion will significantly degrade the electrical properties of the Au/AuBe contact on p-ZnTe when annealing temperature is above 300°C. Conversely, Au/AuBe/Cr contact is more thermally reliable. Such a property makes Au/AuBe/Cr attractive in device application.

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期刊Electronics Letters
出版狀態Published - 2001 三月 1

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  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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    Chang, S-J., Chen, W. R., Su, Y. K., Chen, J-F., Lan, W. H., Chiang, C. I., Lin, W. J., Cherng, Y. T., & Liu, C. H. (2001). Au/AuBe/Cr contact to p-ZnTe. Electronics Letters, 37(5), 321-322.