Augmented Reality of 3D Content Application in Common Operational Picture Training System for Army

Chia Chi Mao, Chien Hsu Chen

研究成果: Article同行評審


The purpose of this article is to discuss how to improve the ways the Taiwanese Ground Forces use the common operational picture (COP) for training to improve the efficacy of tactical training and understanding of the combat field. Augmented Reality (AR) has made huge progress in the past decade and is widely applied in education, industrial sector, medical industry, military industry. More attention is focused on training simulations for soldiers and improving battlefield perception systems. The application of AR in tactical training is still an emerging realm of research but has a huge potential. Related studies have shown the application and technical limitations of AR technology in the military field. Then, using a user-oriented research method, a tactical training system based on 3D augmented reality is proposed and constructs a system prototype to combine virtual information with the real environment and provide the advantages of intuition, interaction, and information visualization. The experiment had an experimental group and control group, and an independent sample “t” was tested for evaluation and comparison. The experimental results show that the understanding of battlefield situations and tactical actions in the AR-based tactical teaching system has changed significantly. The system prototype and experimental content provide useful contributions to the tactical teaching of the Army Academy, and it can be used as a reference for the development of AR in future military applications.

All Science Journal Classification (ASJC) codes

  • 人因工程和人體工學
  • 人機介面
  • 電腦科學應用


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