Automatic quantification of lumbar vertebral kinematics from dynamic fluoroscopic sequences

Jon Camp, Kristin Zhao, Etienne Morel, Dan White, Dixon Magnuson, Ralph Gay, Kai Nan An, Richard Robb

研究成果: Conference contribution


We hypothesize that the vertebra-to-vertebra patterns of spinal flexion and extension motion of persons with lower back pain will differ from those of persons who are pain-free. Thus, it is our goal to measure the motion of individual lumbar vertebrae noninvasively from dynamic fluoroscopic sequences. Two-dimensional normalized mutual information-based image registration was used to track frame-to-frame motion. Software was developed that required the operator to identify each vertebra on the first frame of the sequence using a four-point "caliper" placed at the posterior and anterior edges of the inferior and superior end plates of the target vertebrae. The program then resolved the individual motions of each vertebra independently throughout the entire sequence. To validate the technique, 6 cadaveric lumbar spine specimens were potted in polymethylmethacrylate and instrumented with optoelectric sensors. The specimens were then placed in a custom dynamic spine simulator and moved through flexion-extension cycles while kinematic data and fluoroscopic sequences were simultaneously acquired. We found strong correlation between the absolute flexionextension range of motion of each vertebra as recorded by the optoelectric system and as determined from the fluoroscopic sequence via registration. We conclude that this method is a viable way of noninvasively assessing twodimensional vertebral motion.

主出版物標題Medical Imaging 2009
主出版物子標題Computer-Aided Diagnosis
出版狀態Published - 2009
事件Medical Imaging 2009: Computer-Aided Diagnosis - Lake Buena Vista, FL, United States
持續時間: 2009 2月 102009 2月 12


名字Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE


ConferenceMedical Imaging 2009: Computer-Aided Diagnosis
國家/地區United States
城市Lake Buena Vista, FL

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  • 電子、光磁材料
  • 生物材料
  • 原子與分子物理與光學
  • 放射學、核子醫學和影像學


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