Band anticrossing in InGaPN alloys induced by N-related localized states

K. I. Lin, J. S. Hwang

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Temperature-dependent photoreflectance measurements are employed to characterize the electronic band structure of InGaPN grown on GaAs substrates. In addition to the fundamental band gap, the upper subband E+ is observed as predicted by the band anticrossing (BAC) model. By eliminating the contributions of the epitaxial-strain and atomic-ordering effects in InGaPN and also assigning the localized state energy EN introduced by an isolated N to be 2.040 eV at 293 K, the interaction potential V is determined as 1.449±0.170 eV. The incorporation of a temperature-dependent EN level into the BAC model fits the experimental data better than assuming EN to be a constant. This contrasts with previously published results and so provides a different view of the temperature dependence of the EN level in InGaPN.

期刊Applied Physics Letters
出版狀態Published - 2006

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